WBZ800 Continuous Mixing Plant For Sale

The continuous mixing plant is a type of plant that equipped with a continuous twin shaft mixer. Compared with the HZS Series batching plant, it has the characteristics of large capacity and continuous discharge which capacity up to 800 ton per hour, suitable for high demand for concrete, especially for the production of zero slump concrete and road basement foundations materials, such as roller compacted concrete, cement-treated base, stabilized soil, lime soil, cement soil, etc. In addition, the continuous mixing plant can mix asphalt in cold mothed

Continuous mixing plant main features:

1. Continuous mixing plant for airports adopts horizontal double shaft mixer without liners.

2. Computer control system realize the accuracy measruing.

3. The machine can mix four, five or six kinds of materials together and formulate various matching ratio steady soils.

4. WBZ800 Automatic continuous mixing plant finished product delivery using flat belt, compared with the groove type belt, while the area increased, but can be completely avoid leakage of material work phenomenon.

5. It can not only keep the site clean, meet the requirements of environmental protection, and convenient maintenance, lower failure rate, and using a flat belt conveyor can effectively avoid the shortcoming of segregation trough belt.


1. Adopting double horizontal shaft continuous mixer;

2. With the electronic scale to measure;

3. Equipped with industrial computer for automatic control and it can be operated manually or automatically;

4. The modular structure facilities the installation of transportation;

5. The batching plant is equipped with electronic belt scale and electronic screw scale;

6. The water supply system adopts turbine flow transducer;

7. Can realize the containerized transport.